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What is Swing Away Tent?

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Our Story

We love Camping!

Craig, a seasoned camper and an avid outdoorsman, instilled in his son Jack a deep appreciation for nature from a young age. As Jack grew, so did their camping adventures, evolving from UK escapades to exploring diverse terrains across Europe and beyond. However, they often encountered a recurring issue – the complexity and physical demands of setting up traditional tents, which limited who could comfortably participate in camping.

Driven by a desire to make camping a more inclusive activity that people of all ages and abilities could enjoy, Craig and Jack embarked on a mission. They combined Craig's decades of camping experience with Jack's innovative approach to problem-solving. After numerous trials and iterations, they created the Swing Away Tent – a groundbreaking design that was easy to set up, versatile, and most importantly, inclusive.

  • 1 min read
Before you set off on your next overlanding quest or spontaneous "camping near me" Google search, consider your needs. Think accessibility, comfort, and how high you're willing to go (both literally and budget-wise).
  • 2 min read
After losing the former family motorhome, Craig downsized to a Renault traffic van to carry the fun stuff and fitted a Hannibal Roof tent and awning for accommodation. The “Adventure Van” was the base for off-road and on-road motorcycling, canoeing, cycling, hiking, paragliding, skydives, camping, and holiday sight-seeing. This tented van marked the beginning of a new way of holidaying, providing affordable adventures and activities that otherwise wouldn't have happened.
  • 2 min read